Sibe’s fitness mantra: If you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong. 

For so many people fitness, or working out becomes a chore. Something that weighs on their mind all day. And often circumstances get them off track.

And why wouldn’t it? If it feels like you have to do it instead of looking forward to it, its easier to let things get in the way.

That’s why Sibe’s mantra is what it is! And he uses it inside and outside the boxing gym. When he works with you he works WITH you. That means, team work, its so much easier to workout harder with someone teaching, pushing and inspiring you to create whatever you want.

Sibe is Level 1 certified, specializes in pad work and loves working with people who are new to boxing.

Born and raised in the Netherlands, he moved to Pittsburgh four years ago. Outside the gym you can find him playing hockey, loving his dinosaur Neapolitan Mastiff puppy (Opi), traveling all over the world and having a few beers in the sun with his friends.