Kim is an ISSA is a Boxing instructor and ISSA certified Personal Trainer at Pittsburgh Punch.  She has 8 months of boxing experience at James 5:16 Boxing gym and is currently working towards a Level One Boxing Certification through Pittsburgh Punch.    She works with a diverse group of clients with varying fitness goals, ages ranging from 7 to 84.   Her passion for fitness began as an athlete where she played high school and college sports in field hockey and basketball and developed into an athlete in the weight room after experiencing a rehabilitative strength transformation while recovering from major injuries from a car accident.  This experience inspired her to want to help others achieve healthy transformations through their fitness journey.  Her approach to fitness emphasizes customized progressive training programs tailored to the client’s fitness goals with a specific focus on boxing conditioning for strength and cardiovascular health and weight training for, shaping and toning, building lean body mass, and increasing strength.  She defines her training sessions as challenging, yet fun, with an emphasis on educating and using correct form.  She is committed to helping others to achieve positive transformations and enjoys helping others see beyond their perceived limitations to reach their goals.