Warriors Fitness appreciates your business, we just have a few rules to follow. Please take a minute and read below.

(Hint) Better to wait to schedule than risk losing a class or late fee.

Late Cancel Policy

We at Warriors Fitness would like to welcome you and hope you reach goals you've always dreamed! We would also like to keep you informed of our class cancelation policy. 

As a courtesy to others who would like to get their punch on, please cancel your reservation at least 4 hours prior to class if you are unable to make it. You can do this by logging into your MINDBODY account, clicking on My Info, and then My Schedule. For reservations canceled inside 4 hours, a class will be deducted from your account. For members with an unlimited package, a $10 late cancel fee will be charged to your account.

We do realize sometimes things beyond your control happen, so if that is the case, as a best practice and to avoid losing your class credit or any late cancelation charge, wait to reserve your spot in class until you are certain you can make it.


Can I share my Membership or Class Pack with family and friends?

No. Memberships and Class Packs are assigned on an individual basis. They cannot be shared and are non-transferrable.