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One hour session $65

Half hour session $35

5 one hour sessions $300 ($60 each)

10 one hour sessions $510 ($55 each)

5 half hour sessions $150 ($30 each)

Twice a week training $400 for the month (Hour Sessions)

Twice a week training $200 for the month (Half Hour Sessions)

Personal Training Cancelation needs to occur within 24 hours of appointment. Package or payment must be received before services are rendered.

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It's your body made stronger, your choices made smarter, your life lived better. The Pittsburgh Punch team knows that productivity doesn't end with the workday, fitness pushes past the walls of the gym and wellness doesn't come in a bottle. Fighters aim high, asks for the moon and refuses to settle.


Five Reasons You Should Try One on One Training

  • Customized workout plans. (on and off days)
  • Learn at twice the pace. (well, at least most of you)
  • Diet suggestions and guidance.
  • Motivation
  • Accountability

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