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TKO Boxing Circuit

Most women feel a bit intimidated when it comes to boxing training. If this is your first time, this class is for you!  TKO (Total Knockout) is designed by women for women who want to feel comfortable and have a fun, kick-a** workout.  This circuit consists of approximately 10 to 12 fast moving, full-body drills designed to punch off the pounds and sculpt a Total Knockout body!

BOX N Burn

This circuit is one of our signature series workouts, Combining High Intensity Impact Training and Technical boxing combos. Punch N HIIT is a beginners boxing class. The rounds are 30 seconds work and 10 seconds rest. A great answer to a long week! Remember, we also offer classes at noon during the week!

Crunch N Punch

Crunch N Punch Cardio Boxing is more than just a class…it’s a revolution. Cardio Boxing Class is a cardio circuit class for beginners that will put you through the same pace as a fighter.  You’ll learn proper boxing technique, which includes but is not limited to conditioning, footwork, bag work, and partner drills!

TKO Kickboxing Circuit

DO NOT BE NERVOUS! This TKO Kickboxing Class is a fun way to build confidence while using a whole bunch of muscles, you did’t know you even had! It’s really a full body workout! See for yourself!

Punch N Pedal

Punch and Pedal is a creative combination of the two biggest fitness trends – boxing and cycling!   This 45-minute workout consists of 1:30 – 2:00 minute rounds of bag work drills followed by combinations of climbs, intervals and sprints on the bike.  As with all of our classes, you control your pace making punching and pedaling as easy or difficult as you choose.  It’s a fun cardiovascular and strength building workout designed for all ages and fitness levels.  Punch and Pedal is limited to 10 people, so be sure to sign up online as soon as possible to reserve your spot!