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Pittsburgh Punch is Pittsburgh’s premier destination for boxing and kickboxing fitness.  We offer signature circuit training classes, group bag classes, and “HIIT” Interval training for every fitness level.


LEVEL:    Beginner L1

CLASS TYPE:    Group Bag Class

Learn the basics of boxing while getting some cardio in!  This heavy bag class is a must for all new members, or if you just want to get your punch on.



LEVEL:    Beginner L1

CLASS TYPE:    Group Bag Class

Come kick it with us!  Ramp up your cardio with this full body heavy bag workout that fuses together basic kicks and punches.  Whether it’s a kick, punch, knee, or elbow, you’ll be hard pressed to find another fitness class that will get you into shape this fast!


Boxing Circuit 45


LEVEL:    Beginner L1

CLASS TYPE:    Boxing Gym Circuit

Shape up like Rocky with our exclusive boxing circuit workout!  You’ll complete beginner level rounds of punch combos and boxing-inspired strength and conditioning exercises and drills using our various heavy bags, speed bag, double-end bag, and other fitness equipment.  You’ll be guided through the circuit by a qualified instructor who is there to make sure you’re getting the most out of your workout!


LEVEL:    Beginner L1

CLASS TYPE:    Boxing HIIT Circuit

This fun 30-minute cardio boxing class uses a Tabata style high-intensity interval training (HIIT) method to shred fat and burn calories.  You’ll work through quick, intense rounds of beginner boxing combos, plyometric and core exercises, followed by short rest periods.

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Open Circuit

LEVEL:     Beginner L1

CLASS TYPE:     Open Circuit

Feeling like a champ?  Come in anytime between 2:00 pm-4:00 pm Tuesdays and Thursdays to complete the boxing circuit of the week on your own.  These workouts are made simple using the same 18 rounds of beginner punch combos and boxing-inspired strength and conditioning exercises and drills as the instructor led circuit so that you can push yourself through the workout.


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LEVEL:    Intermediate L2

CLASS TYPE:    Group Bag Class and Focus Mitt Drills

Once you understand the basics of boxing, it’s time to glove up!  Your instructor will lead you through rounds of more intermediate level boxing technique and punch combos.  After working rounds on the heavy bag, you’ll move into the ring and work on focus mitt partner drills to further develop your punches.  Ready to channel your inner Rocky?

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LEVEL:    Intermediate L3

CLASS TYPE:    Group Bag Class and Focus Mitt Drills

Members who have successfully completed PUNCH L1 and PUNCH L2 classes can advance to PUNCH L3 to learn more complex boxing technique and punch combos.