Our PUNCH classes are designed to burn a couple hundred calories in less than an hour. Whats your CPH? (calories per hours)

PUNCH “Train”

Training starts with a cardio base of boxing (PUNCH) then incorporates strength and conditioning to achieve that max EPOC for best results

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to bring for my first class?

Hand wraps are provided for you to keep when you sign up for a trial. Gloves are cleaned and sanitized for you to borrow during your trial. Bring water, a towel, and a positive attitude!

Do I need to have boxing experience to take class?

No! All of our classes can be taken as a beginner. We suggest trying a cardio bag class, such as PUNCH or KICKBOX for your very first class. You will learn
everything you need to know from our trained coaches.

What kind of memberships do you offer?

All of our memberships are available on our pricing page on our website. We have class packages, prepaid memberships, and monthly memberships.

What are your procedures around COVID?

Everyone must wear a mask entering the gym. You will be escorted to an assigned bag socially distanced from other people in class. Once everyone is at their position, the instructor will tell the class they may take their masks off for the workout if you would like. If you need to leave your bag for any reason, you must put your mask back on when walking past others. When class is over, you will be told to put your mask back on and will be dismissed by row, keeping distance from others. The staff cleans and disinfects all surfaces in between classes to ensure the safety of our members. There are also disinfectant wipes provided for you to wipe off your gloves before leaving. .

Do I have to sign up for class?

Yes, everybody needs to register for classes. You can sign up on our website by
clicking on schedule and then choosing the reserve button on the class you would like to attend. You will then login with your email and password to register for in class.

Can I spar?

The only sparring you will do is between you and the heavy bag. So try to knock it out!

Pittsburgh punch basic boxing


The Most Basic Of Punches
Also known as a lead straight punch. This punch should be lighting fast!
pittsburgh punch boxing basics


6 is your rear hook – 3 is your lead hook, but for now just worry about sweating!
pittsburgh Punch Boxing basics


This punch is famously named after a night out in the South Side of Pittsburgh. Can be thrown to both the face and the body.Can be used with either hand.